Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Work In Progress

Technically, this is a finished piece. But I have quite a few issues with this painting so it doesn't feel finished.

In my painting class we worked on still lifes. I couldn't resist the gorgeous colors of the cabbage and citrus so I chose this scene (we could choose fish, mushrooms, and this).

These first few images are the parts of the painting that I'm really proud of. I love that green cabbage and tried for days to get it right. The paper is so textured and crunchy I just love it (inspired by this painting).

The grapes and the citrus were another favorite portion for me. I spent SO LONG on those grapes!

But, the final piece feels wrong to me. I need to finish it so that I can be proud-- the nice elements should be displayed but instead I just end up getting frustrated. 

Still Life / 36 x 24 in / acrylic on canvas / 2013

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