About Me

My name is Riana Johnson. I sell vintage clothing, I paint when I feel like it, and I never seem to have the same color hair. 

I was born and raised in the Southwest by parents who adored nature and camping. As my entire family (most of my friends, and probably some spiders) knows I was never much of the nature-loving type. New York City became the perfect place for me to live. Now as a starving college student wannabe artist, the City has become a very lovely canvas.

Figure Drawing Sketch / 18 x 24 in / acrylic on canvas / 2013

I love to paint bones and musculature-- the human body fascinates me. When I look at people I see the various colors I would use to paint their portrait.

This blog is to publish my artistic pursuits (if they are published I can call myself an artist, right?), perhaps outfits I adore, and to collect my style/technique/works into one cohesive space (my apartment is far smaller than the vast Internet).

You can also find my work on Instagram and my writing at Roving Brooklyn.

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