Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cézanne Reproduction

Cézanne Copy Painting / 12 x 16 inches / acrylic on canvas/ 2013
In my painting class this past semester we had to copy one of two paintings-- I chose this lovely Cézanne piece because I adore Impressionist painters and that orange was too hard to resist. It was quite the process but I love looking back at each stage.

This is the point where I had a Joycean epiphany and started using my fingers to paint more than I used my brushes. Cadmium poisoning!

And the final painting! As with all Impressionist paintings, this looks far better from a distance. At the end of my painting process I ended up deviating from the strict adherence to the original and started adding my own bits.(Cézanne come on with some of that shading!)I love looking at this final piece and seeing the similarities to my other paintings-- even though this isn't all me you can see my hand.

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