Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Model v. Dress Form

While I love using live models for all of my vintage wares because they add an element of fun and life (duh) to each of the pieces...I've found a new love. DRESS FORMS! I think they make the clothing just look so lovely and timeless. The focus is on the clothes (and not my beautiful models) which just makes a huge difference. What do you think??

I love that these photos are really beautiful. The lighting is natural and warm and the clothes just glow! It's almost inspiring enough to paint...but I'm a painting goober who just loves light so...ya know? :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Models, Photoshoots, and Vintage Clothing OH MY!

Hello lovely readers of my blog (are you still out there?!)!

So as I mentioned in a few posts before I have started an Etsy store selling vintage clothing. I have had so so much fun doing this. It feeds my need for shopping, my love for thrift stores, and even makes me some money. 

Taking photos and being a model has been quite a trip. While I am truly loving being a photographer and stylist there have been some weird issues that have popped up. It's so hard taking photos for the sake of the clothes and not the artistic value! I find myself looking for funky angles and lighting to mimic all those photos I took in my manual photo class. BUT those kinds of photos often don't make the clothing look spectacular. 

Here are some of my favorite photos!

P.S. A lot of these aren't even posted yet! So you all get a sneak peak. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I am amazed by this photo. The first shot on our photoshoot and this amazingness happened. Literally only a crop. Sometimes my little Nikon CoolPix amazes me. 

Check out more at Ochre and Bone's site and Insta

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ochre and Bone

I'm starting a vintage etsy because I finally have the time to do so! (Slash...I need to support my thrift store addiction.) The grand opening will be at the end of October but in the meantime I'm having so much fun taking photos of these beautiful clothes. Here's some of the photos so far!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Feeling Stuck

I've never really been into long-winded blog posts (I suppose that's fairly obvious given my post history). To me it seems like they are just ego-patting and desperate. But, what else is a blog for I suppose.

I recently (in June) moved back home from New York. After what was the hardest four months of my life, I felt I needed the comfort of home and the distance it could afford me. And back in Flag, I absolutely felt that distance. I started working at a restaurant (something I'd never imagine doing), I cozied right back into my old bedroom, and I removed myself completely from the New York lifestyle I so desperately craved only a few six months earlier.

But I began to feel restless. Paintings go unfinished and plans remain as lofty hopes. Grad school? Yes! But I have to study so that gets pushed off. Portfolio? Yes! But that means I have to buy more canvas so that just doesn't happen. Going abroad? Absolutely! But that means learning a language and somehow saving enough money for a ghastly plane ticket. I'm lacking follow through for the first time in my life.

I had a brief 36-hour rendezvous with New York this past weekend and it reinstilled that hustle bustle that once drew me to the city. But being there also reminded me why I left. I'm still healing, and that requires time (yuck). New Yorkers are selfish and beautiful-- perhaps I no longer seek either of those so wholeheartedly.

I will get back to blogging and I will finish all of those paintings, grad school apps, learning German. And my new etsy will be up soon (Ochre and Bone).

Lonely Persimmon / Oil on Canvas / 6" x 4" / 2014

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