Thursday, May 15, 2014

South America from my iPhone

The Andes as we passed into Chile
I realize right now my blog is very SA-centric. Given that the places we went are so wonderful I have TONS I want to share; also, I have not had time to actually post my other artistic endeavors. Final paintings, projects, and photos are soon to come. AND some of the backlogged posts that I have been delinquent with. After graduation (EEK!) and moving back to Arizona (DOUBLE EEK!) I will be able to focus more on photographing my work to post.

Cemetario Ricoletta from the cafe where I had my first (of millions) jamon y queso
Bariloche blue skies
In the meantime, here are the best photos I took while in SA with my simple iPhone 4. Sometimes the quality really amazes me. And, the selfie potential is just endless!

A covered plaza in Santiago 

Me y Mama getting ready for our first day in BA!

The Three of Us are a patterned bunch!

This looks magical even from a phone!

The most beautiful bookstore in the world!

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