Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dinosaurs Galore!

This Sunday my roommate and I went to the Natural History Museum; she is obsessed with dinosaurs right now, and I love bones. We chose the perfect New York outing!

Cassie (roommate) and I have been trying to make the most of our weekends and the city we live in so we've been going on these very New York-y outings (Brighton Beach, NY Gay Pride Parade, Natural History Museum). This one, in particular, must have been very touristy because some guy on the train asked me if I was "just visiting."

Wooly Mammoth jaw bone

 Two Duck Billed dinos

In the primate/evolution section there was a room filled with skulls to teach people about the differences between male, female, primate, human bone structure. I started telling a very proud 10-year-old (that was the age minimum for the room) the little bit of bone knowledge I have (harsher more square jaw lines for males; more protruding facial features for primates). We started guessing the gender and species of each of the skulls.

Later when his younger brother came into the room the proud10-year old started sharing his new found bone expertise. It was pretty cool.

Me (in my bone shirt) in front of a long neck dino (woo! don't know the name)

Some of the only real dino bones in the museum! Aren't they cute!

Cass making her best dino face
We're all smiling together!

It was a great New York outing! There was so much inspiration for my bone paintings there. I think I'm going to attempt painting snake vertebrae next. Or maybe I'll just stick to skulls.

Ribs just like my last post!

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