Monday, July 1, 2013

Brighton Beach Fruit

Brighton Beach is one of my favorite places in the world (minus the crime rate and the trash). It's so colorful and the language is so exotic. It's like right after you hop off the Q Train you're in a different world. Lovely. 

And, I was so inspired by the orange of these tomatoes I had to paint them. Watercolor was the perfect medium. 
Tomatoes / 6.5 x 11 ins. / watercolor on watercolor paper / 2013


  1. So pretty! The color is amazing on those tomatoes they look delicious :)
    I'm Emily by the way, I had class with your roomate Cassie in Gallatin... My boyfriend is Russian and I absolutely love taking day trips down to Brighton-- I really feel like we're in a different world and I love to pretend I'm Russian and smile at the old ladies as I eat meat and cabbage pie streetfood hahah. Keep up the beautiful artwork!

    1. Thank you for saying all of that! And yes! I love going to Brighton and seeing all of those old Russian women and imagining what they could be talking about. It's a really cool place to go in New York.


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