Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recap of April

April is always lovely because it is the beginning of true Spring in New York, the beginning of the end of school. This April has been exceptionally lovely because graduation is coming up (YES!), I was in South America, and then the not so lovely foot break. BUT here are the best moments from this month!

From our trip to Chile-- we were at this goofy restaurant that had a mini-garden in the back!

The beautiful Ricoletta Cemetery. I'm pretty sure this is the alley where Evita is buried. 

The sassy greeting cards I've been making. Though, this one is far less sassy.

My "Wrong" assignment went extremely well. Seventeen creepy paintings and I want to keep going!

I had another show! It was quite nice and very simple.

The lovely view from a rotating restaurant in Patagonia. Red and white look so beautiful with those mountains. Or maybe anything looks beautiful with them.

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