Wednesday, September 18, 2013


One of my favorite places in the world is Ireland. My mom took me and my sister  and I my senior year of high school (4 years ago...). So, though these are old photos I was feeling nostalgic. I also love seeing how my creative eye hasn't changed all that much. Perhaps my skill has (??) but I still love the same kinds of shots. Enjoy!

Right outside of the James Joyce House there was this bizarre patio with lovely political art.

The three photos above are from the most darling town in the world, Kilkenny. I fell in love with its charm, people, and of course, the castle!

We stayed at a castle in the Burren (the "mountainy" area of Ireland). It was dark and eerie but you could see where all of the fae tales and stories of goddesses came from. 

The scenery and history make Ireland a wonderful place-- but it's the old Irish folk and sheep that make it the most welcoming place around. It feels like home.

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