Thursday, August 29, 2013

The High Line

Yesterday I went to the High Line with some residents and an NYU professor. As always, the High Line was beautiful-- but especially since it wasn't too crowded and it was nicely overcast. The grey gave a lovely sheen to the no longer spring flowers.

Of course, I took advantage of the flowers! My favorites were the dying echinacea and those puffy ones from above. 

My favorite part of the High Line is the mixture between nature and city. You are literally walking through and above New York while smelling the changing seasons (ooh so whimsical). 

The NYU Professor, Mosette Broderick, explained to us the story of the High Line. She told us that young architects realized that this old freight car line would be perfect for an edgy and artistic park. The High Line, and art in general, helped the drug/crime/hanging beef ridden Meat Packing District become one of the hippest neighborhoods in Manhattan.



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