Friday, August 23, 2013

Guest Artist: Adam Cecil

As another part to my guest artist series type thing, I'm highlighting my friend Adam. His video series is just wonderful and looks at such an interesting topic: what people have!

Adam Cecil is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His interest in non-fiction storytelling led him and his friend Thomas to come up with the idea for Spacebook. 

From his vimeo site, "The same way our social media profiles are curated collections of photos, status updates, and links, our bedrooms, offices, and kitchens hold collections of objects that tell people who we are. Spacebook is a documentary webseries that looks to explore the subjects' lives through these objects.
In the first episode of Spacebook, we follow Thomas Baldwin, a self-described student at NYU, as he shows us Star Wars Legos, perverted doohickies, shampoo, an article of clothing known only as "nippleshirt," and other objects from his dorm room in Manhattan."

Spacebook - Episode One - "Baldwin"

featuring Thomas Baldwin
Filmed and Edited by Adam Cecil
Created by Thomas Baldwin and Adam Cecil

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