Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Brooklyn Flea

This weekend I finally got to the Brooklyn Flea and I was smitten. It was so quirky and strange I just loved it. There were baubles and trinkets (shrinkets as my sister calls them) galore; tiny tins filled with bizarre antiques were at every stand. It was a lovely New York outing!

This weekend I also saw my cousin who was visiting from Michigan. She was staying at a friend's apartment in Crown Heights so my weekend started with a trip to Brooklyn. Though Crown Heights is a bit strange there was a wonderful pizza place and really beautiful old apartments. Seeing that part of Brooklyn (where I could afford to live) and Williamsburg (where I could never afford to live) definitely made me want to make the big move overseas (or across the Brooklyn Bridge).


I cant wait to furnish my apartment with the decently priced but oh so cool things! Each one has a story and you can really see it in each blemish. (Poetic and nostalgic, eh?). 


  1. woww, this looks sooo cool!! Love the old cameras!


    1. So many stands had them! They are so cool :)


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